Academic journal back number

The academic journal back number is available to purchase one book per an individual member or a group.

Please be advised that the numbers are limited.


An order method

By the method of either e-mail or fax or mailing, please fill in the following necessary information and inform an Office.


Email: office(a) (a) into @)

Awajimachi4-3-6, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, 541-0047 Japan

Shingensha, Japanese Association for Humanistic Psychology Office

FAX +81- 06-4707-7757


Necessary information

(1) Name - Organization name

(2) Address 

(3) Tel

(4) Fax 

(5) E-mail

(6) Bill-Name, Addresses*

  * Please write, when a contact differs from the above. 

(7) Volume 

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Vol. 6   Vol. 7   Vol. 8   Vol. 9

Vol.10-1  Vol.10-2  Vol.11-1  Vol.11-2 

Vol.12-1  Vol.12-2  Vol.13-1  Vol.13-2

Vol.14-1  Vol.14-2  Vol.15-1  Vol.15-2

Vol.16-1  Vol.16-2  Vol.17-1  Vol.17-2 

Vol.18-1  Vol.18-2  Vol.19-1  Vol.19-2

Vol.20-1  Vol.20-2  Vol.21-1  Vol.21-2

Vol.22-1  Vol.22-2  Vol.23-1  Vol.23-2

Vol.24-1  Vol.24-2  Vol.25-1  Vol.25-2

Vol.26-1, 2  Vol.27-1, 2


Vol.28-1  Vol.28-2  Vol.29-1  Vol.29-2